17 Eclectic Bathroom Ideas : Create A Striking Interior Style


Davidrayhomes.com – The eclectic interior is an eccentric home design. It represents your taste in decoration. You can use attractive ornaments to create harmony. Moreover, it uses various contrasting colors to create a cohesive impression. You will find many patterns and striking colors in this design. here, we have ideas for an Eclectic bathroom. You can choose and combine various ideas that we will discuss below in the eclectic style you want. Let’s discuss 17 Eclectic Bathroom Ideas : Create A Striking Interior Style!

  1. An Elegant Dark Bathroom

The dark color can brings an elegant impression. You can use the dark theme to create a new dimension in the bathroom. This eclectic interior design uses dark green wall paint. Thus, the decoration in this Eclectic bathroom has the same tones. Look at the decorations on the wall.

An Elegant Dark Bathroom

There are wall shelves. The wooden wall shelves are functional to load the decorations. Even, you can put your book collections on the wall shelf. Also, the green ornamental plant will refresh this Eclectic bathroom. Moreover, you can put other ornaments, such as the wall hanger and decorative candles.

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  1. Using Floral Wallpaper

The floral pattern is interesting. It can bring a calming impression to the interior design. Thus, you can install floral wallpaper for your bathroom. It will refresh the wall décor and fill the blank space. Also, combine this floral pattern with textural wallpaper or bathroom tiles.

Using Floral Wallpaper

Besides, match this Eclectic design with the other ornaments. For example, use calming floral wallpaper if your bathroom is white. Otherwise, pick the white floral wallpaper for a dark bathroom. It will create contrast in the room’s interior. Moreover, this Eclectic wallpaper is suitable for the colorful floor.

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  1. Combining Dark Accents

The dark color is an elegant element in room décor. Some home designers use a dark color to create a cohesive impression. Also, the dark accents are stunning to demonstrate the Eclectic bathroom. There are dark accents in this idea. You will see the dark blue wallpaper with silver patterns.

Combining Dark Accents

Moreover, there are two comfy chairs with an animal print. These dark accents are interesting. The white lighting will brighten the dark accents. Thus, you can install a pair of wall lamps and a small ceiling lamp. Then, put some glass vases on the vanity.

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  1. Interesting Deep Blue Bathroom

Many room colors bring a fresh nuance. The blue color is one of the common themes to invigorate the interior. Here, the bathroom design uses a deep blue theme. You will see all the blue colors that cover the room. Besides, the vanity has the same color as well.

Interesting Deep Blue Bathroom

Furthermore, this Eclectic bathroom has striking wallpaper. It creates an interesting accent on the blank wall. Also, there are two bulb lamps on the wall, near the geometric mirror. Moreover, this Eclectic bathroom uses a wicker basket to create an accent in the vanity. Meanwhile, some toiletries are on the vanity and inside the drawers.

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  1. Install Some Pendant Lights

The Eclectic interior offers a striking design in any room. It even looks stunning to decorate your bathroom. It looks more interesting to have some pendant lights on the ceiling. Choose the bulb lamps with an orange light. It will brighten the room with dramatic nuance.

Install Some Pendant Lights

Also, you can adapt the interesting wallpaper for the bathroom wall. It is a removable wallpaper. So, you can remove it and change it with your favorite pattern. Thus, use the patterns on the wall to invite a striking accent.

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  1. Black Bathroom with Animal Accents

The black color is an elegant theme for interior decor. It even looks interesting to use in a narrow room. Also, you can add an animal accent on the wall. Pick the attractive removable wallpaper with a black background. It will be a stunning combination on the wall.

Black Bathroom with Animal Accents

Moreover, this Eclectic bathroom uses the black theme for almost the whole parts. Even, the floor is black as well. Then, it uses golden accents to contrast the room. The golden wall lamps are stunning. It matches the gold mirror.

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  1. Eclectic Design with Old Paintings

The old ornaments can enliven a classic impression. Thus, you can put some old paintings to enliven the Eclectic décor. This Eclectic bathroom uses geometrical trims to create a wall frame. Also, the wall has two colors. The low part of the wall is deep blue.

Eclectic Design with Old Paintings

Meanwhile, the other part is full of sketching wallpaper. It creates a catchy combination. Moreover, install some bulb lamps on the wall. Then, add a mirror to the blue wall. Besides, the furniture in this bathroom is white. It is the best color matching for the Eclectic bathroom.

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  1. Using Bulb Lamps on the Wall

The Eclectic interior is a nice décor. Some people express their decorative style through Eclectic interiors. This design displays striking elements. The bulb lamp is one of the interesting lightings for Eclectic design. It has a classic design with warm light colors.

Using Bulb Lamps on the Wall

Besides, this Eclectic bathroom has a matching style. The wallpaper has animal prints. Also, there are golden accents on the wall. Meanwhile, the wall is separated into two parts. The lower part has a geometrical panel. Also, there is a purple-white vanity in front of the wall.

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  1. Add More Patterns on the Wall and Floor

The interior of a bathroom is an important aspect. Thus, some people like to decorate their bathrooms to create attractive designs. Even, you can use rich patterns to decorate the bathroom. It is an interesting accent. Pick the colorful wallpaper to create a new dimension.

Add More Patterns on the Wall and Floor

Furthermore, pay attention to the wall. You can install the panel with geometrical accents. Then, paint it with a bright color, such as blue sea color or white color. Also, pick floral wallpaper to give a natural accent to the wall. Then, decorate the bathroom with Art Deco furniture, such as the golden vanity.

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  1. Use Contrasting Accents

Color is an important element. Thus, you should take the best color to bring a certain design. Even, you can combine the colors, such as black and white. This monochrome color is stunning to create an accent on the wooden vanity. Also, it matches the white tiles.

Use Contrasting Accents

Moreover, this Eclectic bathroom uses monochrome wall paint as well. The hexagonal tiles are interesting to match the dark blue wall. Also, install two bulb lamps on the wall. It looks stunning to have two mirrors. Then, add some green plants to sweeten the design.

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  1. Display More Luxurious Accents

The luxurious design can transform the interior of a room. It fits any room. Even, the Eclectic bathroom is perfect to display more luxurious accents. There are golden accents in this bathroom. The sparkling golden bulbs will sweeten the lighting near the mirror.

Display More Luxurious Accents

Also, the golden decoration on the wall is catchy. You can display more golden accents on the dark blue wall. It creates contrast for the Eclectic bathroom. Moreover, this bathroom design has stunning monochrome flooring. Meanwhile, the white textured wallpaper can bring a new dimension to the wall.

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  1. Bluish Bathroom with Animal Wallpaper

The blue color will bring a fresh atmosphere. it has various shades to fit your décor. Even, you can choose a striking blue color to decorate the Eclectic bathroom. It is an interesting color to match the animal wallpaper. Both elements are in the same tone color.

Bluish Bathroom with Animal Wallpaper

Thus, this blue bathroom will bring a new dimension to the interior. Also, you can match it with golden accents. There are golden faucets, toilet paper holders, and pipes. Moreover, take another color to sweeten the design. Maybe, styling this bathroom with a white vanity will bring contrast to the blue cabinet.

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  1. Rich Patterns for a Small Bathroom

The Eclectic design uses many patterns. You can adapt the rich pattern for your Eclectic bathroom. The easiest way to decorate your bathroom is by using wallpaper. This is a dark wallpaper with a botanical pattern. Also, it has orange accents that bring contrast.

Rich Patterns for a Small Bathroom

Besides, this patterned wallpaper is stunning for styling the narrow bathroom. Even, the dark is not a nuisance for the atmosphere. Moreover, this bathroom has nice flooring. It is a herringbone pattern with a lighter color. Also, this bathroom has wood elements, like the toilet paper holder and the wall shelf.

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  1. Using a Warm Pendant Light

Light is a must-have element in every room. Even, the bathroom needs a lamp. Thus, you can install a pendant light to enliven the Eclectic design. Choose the pendant lamp with an orange light. It will spread the stunning lighting to the whole side.

Using a Warm Pendant Light

Moreover, the orange light can bring a dramatic impression to the dark wallpaper. It is a floral wallpaper with colorful patterns. Also, this bathroom uses a geometrical panel. It separates the wall with the floral wallpaper. The panel has dark paint. This combination is perfect to reflect the orange lighting.

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  1. Wall-mounted Vanity on the Green Wall

The green color is identical to the natural impression. This Eclectic bathroom uses floral wallpaper to cover the upper side of the wall. This floral wallpaper has a combination of dark and neutral brown colors. Meanwhile, the lower part of the wall is full green. It uses geometrical panels to bring a different nuance.

Wall-mounted Vanity on the Green Wall

Besides, the furniture in the bathroom is using white and silver colors. The white-mounted vanity is a focal point on the green wall. Also, this vanity uses silver faucets and silver pipes. Moreover, this Eclectic bathroom has a round mirror and a transparent wall lamp. These elements are stunning for styling this Eclectic bathroom.

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  1. Eclectic with Gold Accents

Some classic design needs a few Eclectic elements. The striking accents in the Eclectic style will change the impression. The golden accent is a sparkling element to decorate an Eclectic interior. It brings a new detail to the wall. For example, you can display the golden accent like a decorative mirror.

Eclectic with Gold Accents

Furthermore, match this accent with Eclectic wallpaper. It is the floral wallpaper. The colorful accents are stunning to refresh the wall décor. Moreover, install the panels to create contrast on the wall. In addition, you can put an ornamental plant to enliven a natural atmosphere.

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  1. Botanical Wallpaper with Art Deco Vanity

A botanical wallpaper can enliven a natural impression. You can install the botanical wallpaper for styling your bathroom. It is an attractive element for your Eclectic bathroom. First, take a botanical wallpaper with rich patterns. It will bring a full decoration on the wall.

Botanical Wallpaper with Art Deco Vanity

Besides, this wallpaper is suitable for the Art Deco elements. You can install the fish fin tiles for the vanity. It will enliven the Art Deco accents. Moreover, this Eclectic bathroom has two mirrors. It has an LED light behind the mirror. Also, this bathroom has some spotlights on the ceiling.

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Thus our discussion of 17 Eclectic Bathroom Ideas: Create A Striking Interior Style. The Eclectic interior will bring a different impression to your old design. It is a creative way to apply some striking colors and rich patterns in a room. The Eclectic interior is more stunning with various elements. Even, you can add other accents, such as fish fin tiles, ornamental plants, and lighting. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to create a beautiful Eclectic bathroom. Good luck and happy decorating!


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