7 Breathtaking Vintage Decor Ideas for Bedroom


Old school can never be boring. There is charm, quirkiness, and beauty when it comes to anything vintage. A vintage-theme bedroom is charmingly old-fashioned, individualistic, casual, very romantic, versatile, and on top of it all, ‘budget-friendly, because most of the decor is found at a garage sale, thrift stores, and antique stores. In addition, a vintage bedroom has a far-reaching style that makes it easy to show off creativity. Don’t you agree?

When it comes to vintage and its style, it means decorating with furnishings, fabrics, accessories, and popular colors from decades ago. One needs to bring back lifestyles that are from the 1940s and 1950s. In simple words, ‘vintage’ refers to decor or an item that is more than 20 years old but less than a century old. Vintage items are associated with nostalgia but are not yet antiques.

A vintage bedroom style. They are comfortable and easy because the vintage decor is affordable and, rarely, ‘extraordinarily expensive.’ Adding these antiques to the bedroom will invite a historical atmosphere – and all credit goes to the curves, lines, and textures of the furniture and antique pieces or decor.

Including antique pieces or decor in the bedroom will make your space look exclusive. So, what are you waiting for? Here are some of the best vintage decor ideas, vintage themes, and vintage looks you can implement to create that ‘old-fashioned bedroom.’ Dive into the past, folks.

Create your own headboard -There are multiple ideas when it comes to vintage headboards for a bedroom. A weathered wood headboard will create a rustic focal point in your bedroom, and it is created easily just by nailing the boards to the wall. This headboard can be accented in a variety of ways. Adding a string of lights to the headboard will offer light and character to the bedroom. You can also mount a wreath, a family photo, a wedding picture, or initials in the centre to make the headboard appear personal. The more you think about it, the more ideas you will get. Another dramatic headboard idea is adding vines to the old reclaimed door headboard. However, you can soften this look by painting the doors in bold color.

Wallpaper does add charm to a vintage bedroom – Adding vintage wallpaper can totally transform your space. A wallpaper in heavy prints, patterns, and color will elevate the room. However, the key to choosing wallpaper is through a palette and design that suits your aesthetic. Some of the vintage theme wallpapers are pale mint wallpaper with a delicate floral pattern, an abstract printed wallpaper in soothing tones, or a wallpaper that appears subtle and charming, adding the right amount of warmth and texture to space.

Turn one wall into a vintage gallery – Local antique shops are filled with edgy black-and-white photos, decorative frames, vintage mirrors, old business signs, and so much more! An excellent way to incorporate these fun items into your home is by making a gallery wall. The other options for a vintage gallery wall are – vintage frames with vignettes – they instantly tell a story, adding visual interest to the bedroom.

Common Antique decor – Pay a visit to an antique store, and you are bound to get lost in an array of antique decor, making it difficult to choose. If you insist on something familiar, incorporating antique clocks onto the walls of your bedroom will accentuate the vintage feel. Adding a typewriter to the bedroom is another quirky piece that will add loads of style to the vintage look.

Suitcases to Nightstands – Instead of a nightstand or side table – stack a couple of crates, add a table lamp along with a few items to create an exciting display. If you want more space in the bedroom, think of vertical nightstands – an old-recycled ladder that you can paint to look appealing and new.  The third option – stacked luggage nightstand, which will add patterns and textures to the bedroom while giving it a stylish vintage look.

Invite wooden crates to your bedroom – A mini packing crate can be a wonderful addition to a vintage bedroom. Adding this crate to the dresser or vanity table for organizing bottles will help make the bedroom look tidy and clutter-free. You can fill the extra space in the mini crate with silk flowers which will invite color to the bedroom. This idea is both decorative and functional that adds to the vintage look. You can also add plants to wooden crates if you want to invite the outdoors indoors.

Apothecary cabinet, anyone? – Instead of a traditional dresser, add an Apothecary cabinet into your bedroom to bring in that vintage vibe. However, an Apothecary cabinet will not allow you to store large items, but for smaller trinkets and smaller things to put away, an Apothecary cabinet is a perfect choice. You can also opt for an Apothecary dresser to store blankets, clothes, and toys if needed.

Wooden wardrobes & dressers are a must – Antique wardrobes serve as a great decorative piece and a functional place to store clothes in the bedroom. Choosing a vintage wardrobe will add distinct and varied style, which will offer a lot to the interior design. Overall, selecting a wooden vintage wardrobe will make your bedroom look timeless, elegant, and old-school.


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