Is Your House Decor Getting Stale? Here Are 12 Ways to Breathe Life into Your Home


If you’ve recently been taking a look around your home and aren’t feeling happy, excited or overjoyed when you look at the decor on the walls, you’re not alone. Seeing the same decor pieces over and over again might feel comforting at first, but sometimes, it can be a real downer. Every once in a while, you need to do something different to your home decor. Here are some ways you can breathe life into your home!

1. Change out the pillows. Whether it’s in your bedroom, living room or your office, changing out the pillows–or pillowcases, for that matter–can really liven up the space. Since pillows are accents, they are typically more decorative. They tend to have busier patterns and brighter colors. Use them as a way to make your space feel like new! Transitioning from polka dots to stripes or from chevron to fringe are simple but effective ways to really make your home decor feel fresh.

2. Welcome guests with a new mat. When guests first arrive at your home–and when you arrive home from work or running errands–a cute, fun and engaging welcome mat is a necessity! It really sets the tone for your personality and home life. A personalized doormat can really step up your home decor game. Use your initials, your address or even your favorite sports team to remind everyone whose home they’re entering.

3. Introduce wallpaper. Wallpaper is really making a comeback. It’s been around for a while, too–the late 1700s, in fact! Great for accent walls, wallpaper can change the entire feel of a room. Turn one of the walls in your home into a beautiful accent wall with some removable wallpaper. That way, when you’re ready to switch it out, it won’t damage your original wall! Removable wallpaper is also perfect for renters because you won’t be stuck with those pesky cleaning fees after moving out.

4. Replace the dishes in the dining room. Even if you aren’t hosting frequent dinner parties with friends and family, switching out the dishes and cutlery you use can really have a fresh effect on your home decor. Take your current dishes to a thrift store or a domestic violence shelter. That way, you won’t feel like your old dishes have gone to waste. If there’s nothing wrong with them, there’s no reason someone else can’t find good use out of them.

5. Up the greenery. Switch out the florals with fresh seasonal ones, and add some extra plants to the mix. They really give living spaces that something extra. If you’re allergic to real flowers and plants, your local craft store should have some silk florals available. If not, contact your local florist. They will love to create a beautiful custom arrangement for you to display in your home for a time.

6. Put out new blankets. Even in the summertime, you can still catch a chill. Having plenty of blankets around will keep your guests feeling cozy, but there’s just something special about a new blanket to curl up in. Switch out your blankets from time to time, and don’t forget to include a photo blanket or two. Kids love photo blankets–especially ones with pictures of themselves. Sit back with your own blanket and watch them giggle and laugh while you enjoy a movie night.

7. Stain your furniture. There’s no need to get rid of your current furniture. Consider what pieces of yours aren’t antiques or heirlooms and then head to your local hardware store. Determine whether you want to paint or stain your wooden furniture. Each option gives a slightly different look and feel to the pieces, so consider your options carefully. If you’re unsure, take some photos of the objects and talk with an associate. They’d love to help you plan your new project. Giving your current furniture a refreshed look can suddenly make your room look brand new.

8. Create a gallery wall. Show off those family photos with a gallery wall. If you already have one, consider switching out your current photos with newer ones, or rearrange them. Add in some new engraved picture frames and see the whole space really come together.

9. Paint your cabinets. If the cabinets in your kitchen have been around for a while, why not freshen them up with a paint job? This might be something to hire a professional for, but the end result will have your whole place feeling fresh and new. You’ll want to spend hours in your “new” kitchen perfecting your tomato sauce recipe!

10. Change out the lights. Lighting can really make or break a space. Depending on your decorating style, you’ll want to use different types of lights. Bohemian? Go for yellowed bulbs and darker lampshades. Contemporary? Use lots of recessed lighting and white bulbs. These small changes can drastically update your space, making it feel fresh and new.

11. Rearrange the furniture. Sometimes, all you need is to rearrange your furniture. It really can go a long way in making your space feel new. Angling the couch differently or switching bookshelves in the bedrooms and living rooms can make a huge difference in your space. Rearranging wall art and other knick-knacks is great, too! You’d be surprised at how a simple day of rearranging can transform your home.

12. Give your place a good scrub. A stale space might just be in need of a good clean. Break out the cleaning products and get to work. Vacuum the floors, dust the bookshelves and lighting fixtures and wipe down the baseboards. Your whole space will feel new and sparkly–definitely not stale!

Fresh decor can make your whole space feel brand new. Breathe some life into your space with a new blanket, some fun family photos and even some new plants. Adding some smaller decor elements can really go a long way in creating a beautiful space that feels fresh for the season.


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