Guide To Repair Torn Carpet Using Carpet Patch Repair Technique


Rips in the carpet may happen due to a number of reasons. You might be moving furniture, or your pet would have scratched the carpet a little too hard. Regardless of the reasons, there are some easy carpet patch repair steps to fix the slit in the carpet.

One of the major concerns for any household that uses carpet is what to do after they tear, but with these easy-to-follow tips, you can repair them, just like professional invisible carpet mending Sunshine Coast technicians. Repairing the torn carpet is far less expensive than replacing the flooring. With few handy dandy tools and proper knowledge, you can restore your carpets to their undamaged condition.

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Carpets may develop a hole, tear, or rip in the seams, this is usually caused due to furniture being dragged across the hall and snagging the threads. If the issue is not resolved, it may become severe as foot traffic continues to wear the damaged spot.

Process Of Carpet Patch Repair Like an Invisible Carpet Mending Sunshine Coast Professional

  • Remove thread and snags from the damaged area using scissors. Cut any loose thread from the carpet backing.
  • Measure the length and width of the hole. Cut the replacement piece half an inch longer and wider than the tear. This is done to ensure that the fresh piece is easily tucked down into the space.
  • Cut the patch from a remnant carpet. If you do not have spare carpeting, remove a part from the hidden spot such as the closet, under the furniture, or the corner.
  • Apply carpet adhesive to the back of the replacement piece and into the damaged part. Use glue to cover the entire back of the patch. Avoid excessive application of the adhesive, as it may ooze out from the edges after pressing.
  • Press the replacement piece into the damaged carpet. Place some weights over it and avoid walking on the carpet for some time.
  • Once the adhesive is dried, use a thick-tooth comb and gently brush the carpet to restore the pile.

Process of Invisible Carpet Mending Sunshine Coast Technique to Repair Ripped Carpet

Carpet rips are inevitable, but you too can repair your carpet like carpet patch repair Sunshine Coast professionals. Follow these steps to restore your carpet to its original glory.

  • Pull the two sides of the torn carpet so that they meet. Align the carpet in the way you want it to stay when it is repaired.
  • Hold the carpet in place using a few nails or tacks. It will keep the carpeting from gaping open again. Ensure that the pins or bolts are securely placed on the floor so that carpeting does not move. Also, put less stress and strain on the seam.
  • Nail the tacks six inches away from the torn carpet edges. Lightly tap the nails into the floor with a hammer.
  • Sew the carpet together using a curved upholstery needle. You can even use needle-nose pliers to move the needle back and through the carpeting. Apply gentle force to avoid needle breakage.
  • Double back the stitching at the end of the seam.
  • Brush the fibers to restore the pile near the damaged area.

If you feel that it is daunting for you to do, get in touch with invisible carpet mending Sunshine Coast company for carpet patch repair Sunshine Coast service.


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