5 Brilliant Tips For A More Functional Kitchen

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The kitchen in your house is considered one of the most vital areas in your dwelling place. It’s where you create and share hearty meals with your family, enjoy conversations together, and, sometimes, entertain guests. Having a great kitchen is good, but making it functional is even better. In this article, you’ll find brilliant tips to turn your kitchen into a more serviceable area, which will provide ease and comfort when you spend time there.

You may have decided to get your old traditional kitchen a good makeover, but before you head to the handyman store or hire professional kitchen remodelers, know how you want your kitchen to be like. What exactly do you need for your newly renovated kitchen?  How do you make it more functional than it was?

To answer your questions, consider the following tips and tricks to come up with a highly convenient and functional kitchen:

1. Add Storage Spaces

A kitchen with many supplies to store is often a common sight. You have canned goods, produce, herbs, seasonings, tools, and appliances everywhere in your kitchen, so having enough storage for all these is necessary. Create customized storage solutions for corner cabinets and other unused spaces. You can check out innovative and functional cabinets or drawers that save space, but provide more storage. Fill every cubic inch with anything you have for your kitchen; this way, you’re not wasting any space.

2. Install A Quality Drinking Water System

A robust system for water filtration is essential. You may check out this homepage to get some help on how to have a clean and safe drinking water system. Or, you may read this list of several reasons why improving your home’s water quality will benefit you:

  • Water Contaminants Cause Illnesses

Chemical disinfectants are used in municipal water treatment plants, which can leave byproducts in the water system. A wide variety of organic matter, bacteria, sediment, and other particulates are collected in your pipes as water travels to your faucet. This is quite dangerous for your family, especially if your family members have sensitive stomachs. Many contaminants can affect the quality, taste, odor, and clarity of tap water.

  • Cleaner And Safer Fruits And Vegetables

Using tap water from the commercial supply will leave some remnants of chlorine, which might stick to your fresh produce. When you wash your fruits and veggies using regular tap water, it absorbs the chlorine, leaving you with an unpleasant taste, and it can even be harmful to the body. With a safe water filtration system, you’ll be able to avoid chlorine and other dangerous contaminants.

  • Better Taste For Coffee And Tea

As mentioned, water supplies that are provided by the public usually contain chlorine, which can give your tap water an unpleasant taste. You’ll see a noticeable improvement in the flavor of tea and coffee if you remove most of the chlorine through filtration. Get a sip from your favorite cup of coffee or tea, which gives you more flavor and taste because of clean filtered water.

3. Keep An Organized Garbage System

You can make managing your trash easier by using pullout drawers for garbage, composting, and recycling. You can also apply some expert tips to maximize the waste efficiency of your kitchen. When you have an organized garbage system, you can ensure cleanliness and proper hygiene for your kitchen activities. Once you use multiple smaller bins to make a garbage center, you’re doing the right thing for the environment in a cost-effective method. Different colors can differentiate each compartment, or you can also put labels on each bin for easier identification.

4. Consider To Apply The Kitchen Work Triangle

A kitchen’s work triangle is one of the essential components of a functional kitchen. This term may be familiar to you, but it hasn’t been applied to your kitchen yet. Now’s the best time to use this concept. This means that the focal points of your kitchen should be the sink, the refrigerator, and the stove. There’s an invisible line connecting all points of interaction in the work triangle. You can create an efficient kitchen workflow by using this method.

It might be a good idea to add this layout to your kitchen if your existing kitchen doesn’t have it yet. If you need to create the triangle in the space, consider incorporating a kitchen island to create a clear path between these elements.

5. Keep Open Surfaces Clutter-Free

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Even if your kitchen is designed to perfection, cluttered countertops, cupboards, and preparation tables can easily ruin all your hard work. Having said that, you and your family should develop a system for organizing the kitchen. No matter how majestic and elegant your kitchen is, it’ll deplete its overall value as long as there’s mess everywhere. Eliminate old or unnecessary items from the room. Declutter your kitchen and apply the best tips to do it.


For anyone who loves to spend time or cooks in the kitchen, having a functional one is essential. Your kitchen can become more enjoyable to use if you make it more appealing. Consider incorporating the above tips into your kitchen design to make it more functional.


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