Tips to Decorate your Home Office


If you work from home, you will know one thing and that is – to function to your 100% the work space, as well as the work environment, needs to be inspiring, serious, neat and non-cluttered. Even the slightest of distractions can disrupt your attention and the flow of your work.

At the same time, nobody likes to sit at a boring ol’ table with neutral colors and no life within the four walls of the office space. For that very reason, we have listed below a couple of home office décor ideas to not only make your workspace look attractive, but also make it efficient to work in.

  1. Fresh Flowers

Nothing is more inviting and welcoming than the sight of fresh and pleasant flowers on the work desk. Its fragrance will put a smile on your face and instantly add a pop of color and sophistication to the room with its beauty.

Fresh flowers can be an expensive affair, so you don’t have to have them on your table every day. Although there is no harm in putting some in a decorative vase time and again.

  1. A Green O2 Dispenser

Breathe some life into your home’s office by placing some indoor house plants in the room. If the space in your room allows it, go for a big plant which can be placed on the floor, or goes for a creeper near the window or simply place a small cactus or desk plant on your work table. Breathe in some fresh air to get those brain cells to really power through.

  1. Go Down the Artsy Road

Just because it is your workspace, does not mean it has to be dull, boring and corporate. Since your office is in your home, you have an upper hand at decorating it in the way that you want to. Hang up paintings on the wall, or place framed photos of your family and friends on your desk. Some of the best furniture stores online will have home décor accessories like paintings and wall accents.

  1. Let there be Light

To be productive, it is necessary to work in a well-lit room. So if there is a window in the room where your office is, place your table in front of it to le natural light it and don’t hang thick dark curtains against it.

  1. Open Shelves

To get the best of both worlds of having your files, stationery and office paraphernalia organized and not making your workspace look chunky, opt for horizontal open shelves, one on top of the other. This was you can neatly display your stuff and make the storage are not looking cluttered. Find these shelves on home furnishings online sites.

  1. Vision Board

On one of the walls of your home office, you can hang up a big pin board which can act as your vision board for the year. This pin board should preferably be placed in front of you. You can pin up pictures of what you wish to buy/achieve and do this year. This way you’ll have your goals right in front of your eyes and it’ll keep you motivated to work harder.


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