5 Smart Storage Solutions For Your New Home


A living room is that part of the house where you spend most of the time. It is the main room of the house that serves multiple purposes. From the dining area to office space and a place to relax, a living room is the most used space. It is where you lounge around, entertain and spend the bulk of your time. Being the first room the visitors set eyes on, your living room says a lot about you. A nicely decorated living room sets the mood, while nothing is more unappealing than a cluttered one. So if yours is looking overhauled, better look for a reason. Usually, when a living room loses its charm, the reason is the lack of storage space. To restore its original vibe, you need to declutter and reorganize it. Here are the five intelligent solutions for your living room

1. Smart Furnishing

Nowadays, like all the other things, furniture has also become smart. The term stands for versatile furniture that serves multiple purposes. Look closely, and you will come across lots of options. There are many variations of coffee tables. You can get one that features draws and shelves for storing books and other objects lying around your living room. But if you want a desk, go for a model with a lifting top. Either way, you can neatly store all your belongings and books lying around the living room.

Ottomans are also a popular choice these days. Why not get an ottoman with some storage space inside? Yes, an upholstered ottoman whose seat lifts to reveal the storage space inside is another example.

2. Utilize the Alcoves

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, here is another innovative solution for your living room. Then alcoves beside a chimney breast are prime storage space. You can use some floating shelves to keep your books or to display some decorative pieces. Even better, have some bespoke cabinetry fitted in the alcove’s bottom to create a closed storage space. This way, the awkward floor space won’t go to waste, and you will have even more space for storage purposes.

3. Rent a Storage Unit

Sometimes extra pieces of furniture and other odd objects make our living rooms a mess. You don’t want to part with them, but their presence ruins the overall appearance. So, instead of having such items pile up and clutter your main room, why not place them inside a storage unit? In such a facility, they will remain safe. You can always have them back whenever you are ready to accommodate them. Because of such a valuable yet straightforward storage solution, storage units are an increasingly popular choice these days. Whether you are looking for a short or long-term solution, you will always find something suitable. They usually have temperature control systems and locked, reinforced doors that only you can access with a key. Finally, they are under constant surveillance, so you can rest assured that your belongings are not going anywhere.

4. Invest in a Storage System

A storage system would solve all your storage problems in one go. They are available in various sizes, or you can have one custom-built according to your preferences. This way, you will decide the size, layout, and location that is near your residence. It’s best to look for a unit that offers an appropriate mix of open shelving and closed cabinets. Ensure that the frames are tall and deep enough to hold your stuff, but don’t narrow down the precious square foot of your living room. Storage units, due to increased demand, are available in a contemporary style too.

5. Repurpose Vintage Storage Trunks

Do you have a preloved vintage storage trunk hidden somewhere in your house? Now might be an excellent time to take it out. It is an exquisite piece that serves as a beautiful decorative accent and a proper storage container. Repurpose yours as a coffee table; it creates a great focal point for the décor and doubles as an extra storage space. You can use similar colors and textures as the entire room or create an exciting contrast. Having a fireplace also helps as together they set a warm and cozy mood. It is such a versatile item that even in a contemporary setting, it won’t look out of place.


A living room is the most attractive feature of any house. You can’t have it cluttered and unorganized. Of course, all the stuff you have in there is essential, so you can’t throw it away. But you can certainly creatively store them to preserve your living room’s charm. Above, we have listed the five intelligent storage solutions for your living room. Feel free to use any or all and restore it to its original glory.


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