Key to Securing the Best Deal on a Plumbing Job


t’s challenging to stay ahead of the competition and establish a name for yourself while there are hundreds of other plumbers competing for the same jobs. You must keep working until you are able to reach new clients purely based on the name of your business. Nevertheless, before you get there, consider how to get the best work offer for your plumbing work. As a plumber, if you’re tired of the small, one-time jobs, we have created this guide for you to help you secure the best deals on plumbing jobs –

Work a niche

Plumbers install, repair, and restore pipes, drains, gutters, and metal roofing, as well as mechanical services and associated facilities for water supply, electricity, drainage, sewerage, and heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Each of these things requires a different license or certification. You can’t do them all. So pick your niche. This will help you build a clientele based on your speciality. As a plumber, you have the option of focusing on any aspect of plumbing. Your speciality could range from small commercial or domestic maintenance jobs to gas fitters. Domestic repairs, industrial maintenance, new buildings, bathroom or kitchen upgrades, nursing homes, hospitals, townhouses, or even large scale construction projects such as warehouses can be niches for numerous other plumbing companies. If you’ve decided on a niche, you’ll need to locate contractors, developers, engineers etc who oversee and plan these kinds of projects so you can network with them


We all know the importance of business reputation and credibility. This is true with both small and big projects. For example, you might be called in for a small drain cleaning. If you do a decent job, the homeowners can hire you to do some commercial work at their business. When you are developing your brand, you should also network on other channels. Get to learn about people who are relevant in your business. If they know who you are and you do a decent job, they will either hire you directly or recommend you to people you know who are looking for jobs. A plumber who is skilled at networking would significantly expand their client list, resulting in more jobs. If you’re a gas fitter, begin by approaching construction companies who may need your services for their next housing project. If you work as a blocked drain expert, you could get in touch with housing associations who can recommend you to the homeowners when a problem arises.

Get digital

You might not be the first person big corporations call but creating a strong digital presence is the first step to get there. As a small business owner, you do not have the ability of your larger competitors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win plumbing jobs by engaging in marketing. Get a website that looks professional. Invest in local SEO so that when potential customers search for a plumber in their region, your social media or website can appear. If you do not have a website, you are losing out. Any business should have a website that provides unique leads, get constructive reviews, and showcase past work. A high-quality website not only makes a good first impression, but it also instantly boosts your reputation as a credible business. So when the customers search your name online, they’ll see all the positive reviews about your good work.

Provide fair quotes

Lay in the groundwork for your first meeting with a customer by providing them with a plumbing quote that includes all of the information they need to hire you. A detailed and straightforward estimate description will help you land that job.  Many plumbers charge an hourly wage when faced with a big job. The cost varies greatly, especially depending on where you look. In addition, most plumbers can charge a one-time call-out fee, such as being at the client’s home to assess the work that needs to be done. For smaller work, most plumbers may charge a flat fee. Many businesses offer free, no obligation plumber quotes to the customers to get them through the door. Don’t take on a job you’re not sure you can complete. Failure would be damaging to you in the long run. Feature similar work you’ve had in the past and stand out. Negotiate, but be reasonable. Make sure  that you and your tradies are being fairly compensated for the work. Don’t hesitate to include the following in your quotations:

  • The cost of labour
  • Price of materials and appliances
  • Subcontractor payments
  • Prep of appliances
  • Additional fees if any

When you quote for a job, make sure to feature examples of your previous work. It might give you an advantage over others.

If you want some plumbing or gas fitting work done in your house or work, find out how much a plumber costs.


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