Top 7 Health Benefits of Singing in the Shower


You might not know this but singing in the shower does a lot more for your health than you think it does. You might be just humming your favorite tune every morning just like that or singing at the top of your lungs to annoy your roommates but each of these shower sessions is very beneficial for your mind and body.

To make you realize how helpful these morning shower singing sessions can be, here are seven reasons why you should sing in the shower every single day:

  1. It reduces stress

The most important health benefit of singing in the shower regularly is that it reduces your stress levels and promotes a feeling of well-being. Singing allows us to take more oxygen into our lungs and this oxygen reduces the level of the stress hormone called cortisol in the body. It also helps to prevent insomnia so that you sleep better and wake up relaxed and happy. The cortisol hormone is also responsible for increasing blood sugar and blood pressure so reducing its levels benefits the body in many ways.

  1. It boosts your immune system

According to a 2004 German study, singing helps to increase the production of antibodies in the body which are responsible for fighting diseases and infections. The increase in production of antibodies after a singing session has also been proved by scientific studies. It releases cytokine in the blood which improves the overall immunity of a person. Since you sleep better after these regular singing sessions, the body gets time to repair itself and improve its disease fighting capability.

  1. It maintains your heart health

As we sing, our lungs take more oxygen from the atmosphere and release the oxygen into the blood. High levels of oxygen in the blood relax the heart and clean the blood vessels to maintain a healthy heart. Singing in the shower regularly can cut down your risk of heart disease significantly as it improves breathing being an aerobic exercise.

  1. Your skin glows and gets a natural lift
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The different faces that you make while singing different tunes help your skin get a natural lift as you use all your facial muscles. This helps to maintain the smoothness and elasticity of the skin as you age. As we sing, the happy hormones released into the blood also make the skin look flushed and radiant. Reduced stress levels also show on your skin and reduce pimples and breakouts.

  1. It improves your memory

According to many scientific studies, singing helps to sharpen your memory as you try to remember the lyrics of the song and work your brain muscles. It also helps people with dementia to reduce memory loss. Regular shower singing sessions help to boost our cognitive skills also as different parts of the brain are activated during singing and have to work in coordination.

  1. It fights depression

When you sing, your brain becomes relaxed and happy as the production of endorphins increases in the body. These endorphins make you feel great about yourself and happy. This can also be related to the happiness that we feel when we listen to any good song or our favorite tunes.

  1. It boosts your confidence

Any activity which helps us overcome our performance fear boosts our confidence and singing in the shower does exactly that. Singing in the shower amplifies your voice and makes you feel like you are singing on a stage. This improves your self-confidence significantly and reduces self-consciousness about how we might sound while singing.

So these are some of the most important health benefits of singing in the shower. You might think that you do not sing well but sing nonetheless as these immense health benefits might not help you become a better singer but they will definitely help your health. In case you want to add music to your lyrics, choose from a range of shower speakers which can enhance the whole experience to a new level. You can select from a variety of great tunes or hum to your favorite tune every morning to refresh your body and mind for a long day ahead!


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