How to Freshen Your Space During Hot Weather With Innovative Methods


There are many reasons to love summer. But one moment can ruin all the pleasure—the heat. High air temperatures make it difficult to work productively, think, sleep and enjoy life. There are several effective ways to avoid the heat.

5 Simple Tricks to Cool the Air in a Small Room:

  • Fan and cold water. Place a container of water in front of the fan to cool the air flow.
  • Open windows and doors at night. At night, the air is colder than during the day. If you open the window, the temperature in the room will drop by several degrees.
  • Drink cold water. Cooling the body from the inside makes it easier to endure the heat. The moisture that evaporates from the skin also lowers the body temperature by a couple of degrees.
  • Take a cold shower. This will cool the body for a while and help with the heat. Alternating cold and hot water also helps.

Each of these tricks has two advantages—they’re cheap and easy. But there are also some cons. All these measures help to cope with the heat for a short period of time and are not always convenient. The effectiveness of the tricks is also not very high, and they do not save you from the heat.

Is A/C a Good Alternative?

An alternative solution is air conditioners. But even if we do not take into account the issue of the high cost and complexity of the installation, A/Cs have other disadvantages:

  • Contain Freon. This substance is harmful to the ozone layer, which means that using the air conditioner is harmful to the environment.
  • May cause colds and allergies.
  • Some models generate loud operating noise. It can interfere with your sleep at night.
  • Consume a lot of electricity. With air conditioning, your bills will multiply.
  • Need professional service.

Evaporative Air Coolers Are an Effective Answer to the Summer Heat

There is a reasonable alternative to simple tricks for cooling the air and air conditioners. It’s a portable air conditioner for a small room. It will provide you with a stream of cool, clean air and also act as a humidifier. Evapolar devices are very popular among users and have the following advantages:

  • Buying a portable cooler is much cheaper than a climate control system. The device uses less power during operation, so your bills won’t be intimidating either.
  • The compact and lightweight cooler can be placed anywhere, moved to another room, or even taken camping. Many models work not only from a power socket but also from a power bank or laptop.
  • Eco-friendly. Evapolar cooler systems do not use Freon. The device blows air through a water-moistened carbon fiber filter. This filter does not accumulate bacteria and mold , and it is very easy to change.
  • Coolers cool, purify, and humidify the air.

In addition, Evapolar devices are very quiet, stylish-looking and easy to operate. You do not need to read long instructions, just plug the device into the power socket, and it immediately begins to create a comfortable microclimate. You won’t be able to cool an entire home with this portable air conditioner, but it’s ideal for cooling your private space.

Wrap Up

With the right device, the summer heat will no longer be a problem for you. Portable coolers will create a comfortable atmosphere without unnecessary inconvenience and will make your summer just perfect.


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