How to Decorate Your House to Show Your Love of Pets


A pet lover’s home is an exceptional place, filled with warmth and laughter. Subtle signs indicate that this house loves furry buddies and has a pet-friendly environment with the right materials, upholstery, and toys. If you’ve been looking for ways to decorate the place with personal touches and make it easy to maintain, here are a few ideas to try.

Avoid Smooth Hardwood or Tiled Floors

Few pet owners know how dangerous it can be for their dogs to walk on smooth surfaces like hardwood and porcelain tiles that don’t provide adequate traction. Slipping on polished surfaces can twist their hip and knee joints into uncomfortable positions that result in injuries. Further, accidents and puddles on the hardwood will set in quickly when you can’t get to them in time. Hardwood is also prone to get dented and scratched.

Invest in Inexpensive Floor Coverings

When picking out floor coverings, it is always more practical to get inexpensive area rugs that you can toss out if needed. Avoid wall-to-wall carpeting that tends to absorb fluids and odors and is tough to clean. If carpets are an indispensable part of your decor, go with the low pile variety and never choose the continuous-loop kind. A single yarn snagged in a pet toenail can not only destroy the carpet, but your little four-legged friend might also end up with a broken claw injury and an emergency trip to the vet. Instead, consider a sisal or seagrass rug resistant to accidents, tummy disturbances, spit-ups, staining, and hairballs.

Adorn a Wall with a Collection of Pictures

A collage with framed pictures is the best way to adorn a pet lover’s home. You can safely install a custom pet portrait on the wall where the featured dogs and cats can’t get to them. If you’re looking for something truly unique, go for a hand-illustrated image drawn on museum-quality paper. The print will capture your little buddy’s cutest pose and expression and have their name in stylish calligraphy. The exciting thing is that you can get up to three pets within a single frame, each looking absolutely adorable.

Decorate with Break-Proof Sculptures and Tabletops

When decorating a home with pets, you would want to get furniture and decorative items that are resistant to breakage. No matter how well you train the little guy, the chances are that they’ll get into all kinds of trouble when you’re not around to watch them. Video cameras have proved that time and again. Safeguard your furniture with a layer of epoxy resin and keep it protected from scratches and damage. You could create entire tabletops and sculptures using an epoxy resin that is durable and won’t break when knocked down. Check online for where to buy epoxy resin and watch videos that explain how to pour resin and create fantastic works of art.

Pick Out the Right Upholstery

Yes, your buddy knows that jumping on the couch and chairs is not allowed. But, that rule is clearly not always enforceable. And, when they’re shedding, it’s impossible to prevent stray hairs from flying around and settling on the upholstery. Protect your furniture by covering up with pretty throws and classy blankets. You could always pick out colors that match your buddy’s coat. Alternatively, you could get slipcovers that can be removed and washed when they get dirty. Or, can get cleaned up with a quick brush with a lint remover.

Get Aromatherapy Diffusers

This one’s more for friends and family visiting your home. Since you live around pets, getting used to canines and feline odors is normal. Further, even if you’re careful to clean the litter box regularly and bathe and deodorize your furry buddies, odors are a part of the household. Freshen up your home with gentle scents that take away the smell. However, make sure to check with the vet for information about the essential oils you can safely use around your pets. Certain scents like cinnamon, citrus, sweet birch, wintergreen, and peppermint can be toxic for dogs.

Decorating your home so that your furry buddy is comfortable and safe needs a little bit of ingenuity and lots of love. And, that can be easily done simply by thinking about what the guy needs to feel happy and loved.


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