6 Kitchen Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know


 Providing regular cleaning and maintenance to your kitchen space helps preserve its beauty and functionality. It also lets you become aware of the potential hazards around and work on eliminating them right away.

Whether you are planning to put your home on the market or looking to improve your indoor comfort and safety, here are some kitchen maintenance tips that will surely get you the results you want!

Clean your drain disposal

Having a garbage disposal helps prevent serious kitchen drain clogs. A garbage disposal grinds down food waste or debris before they go down the pipes. Over time, grime and dirt can build up on your disposal, making it less efficient in its job. Make it a practice to clean the device once a week to avoid bacteria growth that creates unpleasant odors around the kitchen.

Disinfect areas after use

Make it a rule in your home kitchen to clean areas after every use. Allowing spills to sit on your countertops for a long period of time can result in ugly and hard-to-remove stains. Preserve your kitchen areas by cleaning and disinfecting them as you go. Make sure to go easy on commercial kitchen spray cleaners as they contain chemicals that can be harmful to your family’s health.

Add a bullet for Cabinet Maintenance

Weekly cleanings of your kitchen cabinets can extend the longevity and maintain the sparkle your cabinets had when you installed them. To properly clean your shaker cabinets, create a baking soda-warm water solution and add some lemon juice. Spray the substance on your cabinets; after a few minutes, come back with a soft sponge soaked under warm water and gently clean your cabinets.

Check your appliances

Replacing major kitchen appliances like refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and dishwashers can cost you a lot of money. To increase the lifespan of your kitchen appliances, you should check each unit regularly for leaks, broken seals, and cracks. Avoid troubleshooting appliance issues on your own and hire the service of a licensed technician. DIY repairs can void the manufacturer warranty of your unit.

Scrub the floor

Do not forget to give special attention to your kitchen floor as it gets more regular use than any parts of your kitchen. Neglecting the proper cleaning and maintenance needs of your kitchen floor can result in falls or slipping accidents. To remove stains completely, scrub your kitchen floor regularly using cleaners designed for your floor type or material.

Spruce up faded kitchen cupboards

Kitchen cupboards gleam on new kitchen and really make the kitchen standout. Over time the paint can become faded and scratched. This wear and tear will bring down the whole look and feel of your kitchen, The good news is that paint manufactures like Duluk and Jonstones  provide an easy to apply range of  kitchen cupboard paints. Find out more about the best kitchen cupboard paints for home and caravans at comparestaticcaravaninsurance.co.uk

Empty your garbage bin regularly

Avoid attracting pests and insects into your home by emptying your garbage bin regularly. Do not wait for your garbage bin to become too full before you empty it. Perform this kitchen maintenance task weekly or as often as needed. Do not forget to wash the container outside to prevent mold and bacteria from growing on it.

Schedule routine plumbing maintenance

If you want to keep your kitchen operating smoothly and your monthly water bills low, you have to invest in professional kitchen plumbing maintenance. A small plumbing leak in your kitchen can waste three gallons of water a day, according to American Home Shield. To avoid plumbing emergencies any time of the year, be sure to partner with a trusted plumber in your local area.

Partner with a plumbing company today

Keep your home plumbing’s health in check by partnering with a licensed and experienced plumbing team. Experts at JD Precision recommend hiring a professional plumbing service to make sure the maintenance or repair work is done right the first time. You can get free consultations and estimates when you talk to the pros today. Call now!


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