7 Colors That Make Purple Look Delicate And Cool


Purple is one such shade that people of all generations love to play around with. There are different shades of purple that can go with every mood. No matter if you like soft colors or you like to have bold colored things but you would always have those options in the purple family. The craziness for the color purple has increased in the past day and people grab purple things first nowadays. If you are a K-pop fan then you would already know about the Purple Heart family. K-pop fans always go crazy about the shades of purple and so the increased demand for the color can be seen.

You would be shocked to know that purple is one of the most difficult colors to make but yet we have so many options. No matter what product you are going to get but you would always have a purple option there which is great. Now that there are so many shades of purple so it might become a bit hard for you to choose the best one. If you would study the purple color then you would find that different shades of purple always set the trend. Here we would know about some of the best purple combinations to have in-home. Here are some of the most demanding and beautiful shades of colors that go with purple that would make you fall in love with purple:

The amethyst purple home:

Here you would see the mix of two different purple shades which make the room look beautiful. The walls are painted in a muted purple tone which has a blue undertone to it whereas the sofa cushion is in bright purple color. The walls make the room look sober and beautiful but the cushion adds the perfect pop of color to the room. This purple combination goes really well with the addition of grey color in the room. Even though the room would feel muted but the bright purple cushions just brighten up the room a bit which is amazing for sure.

A lilac kitchen would be so beautiful:

While you would go through the purple color story, you would find out that lilac is the most demanding shade of purple. People want lilac-colored products everywhere and the color itself looks so beautiful that you can’t deny it. A kitchen with the lilac color would look like a dream kitchen for sure. This would be a little hard for you to get the perfect lilac shade for your kitchen. Here you can get the lightest lilac shade for the wall of the kitchen whereas you can just add the pop with some dark lilac-colored chairs. The combination would stand out for sure but keep the rest of the kitchen in either cream or white color.

Shades of lilac for your bedroom:

As we already know that lilac is the most demanding shade among all the other purple shades. Lilac is bright and you can even mute the color if you want to. Here are quite a lot of shades of lilac as well that you can work with to create a lilac bedroom for you. Here you have to work with light, medium and a bit dark shade of lilac for the bedroom to look the best. You can of course start with good lilac wallpaper for your bedroom. The addition of the dark lilac curtain sets would be the best for your bedroom. This purple or lilac bedroom would blow your mind for sure.

A mauve dining in your home:

Mauve is another beautiful shade that falls in a purple color story. The addition of mauve would make space a bit muted and calm. You can have a mauve dining space for your home where you can put some mauve-colored chairs. This color would go really well with light wooden colors and white. You can also pair this color in many dark shades as well.

Lavender windows and doors for your home:

Lavender is again a very demanding purple shade after lilac and this is a naturally occurring color. We already know how popular lavender flowers are and just like that the color is also very much loved. You can have some lavender-colored windows and door frames for your home. This would make the house look beautiful both from inside and outside which is amazing of course. Lavender color goes well with almost all the other colors so you don’t have to worry about the color combination of the house.

Burgundy drawers and wardrobe in the house:

Burgundy is one of the darkest shades of purple and it is not the purest form of purple as well. You can see the red and blue undertones in burgundy color but the base color is of course purple. You cannot have this bold color all over your home. If you would add some burgundy elements to your home then it would make the house look bold. The addition of burgundy drawers and cabinets in the home would be the best idea for sure.

Royal purple paint for the walls:

Royal purple is a rich purple color that can be mixed with different shades to create other purple tones. Having walls of royal purple color would be a bold decision and you would not regret this decision for sure. This is a very nice bold purple shade that you have to get all over the walls of your home. The addition of white color would look amazing with this rich purple color.


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