Creative Tiling Styles for Your Shower Enclosure


There aren’t many things that can transform your shower more than an attractive tile scheme. Most ancient civilizations such as the Persians and the Romans prided themselves with beautiful mosaics and tile schemes in their spas and bathhouses. The current tiling schemes still reflect the look and feel of those ancient designs. Countries all around the world have embraced tile as a legitimate option for floors and countertops. While Italy produces some of the most stunning tiles, you can find bathroom tiles in Melbourne that are second to none. Mexico produces some very unique tile styles that really embrace their culture, and France manufactures some of the most sophisticated pieces of tile art you can purchase. With so many options to choose from, we bring to you a list of creative tile styles to consider before making your next purchase.

Colorful and eye-catching tile ideas can brighten the mood and atmosphere of your shower enclosure. Whether it is a brand new shower enclosure or a makeover you want, your shower enclosure will benefit from these creative tiling schemes. Let’s dive into some of the on-trend retro shower enclosure tile ideas.

  • Modern Octagon And Dot

The impressions of the octagon and yellow tones on the shower walls make for a bold look. Besides, the black octagon grid flooring can create a terrific contrast.

  • Diamond Rug Accent

This tile pattern brings out the best contrast when put on the wall to pop against a dark and natural stone effect tile scheme.

  • Mine Combo

This tiling scheme does well when you have a combination of shower and tub. That being the case, you can come up with a feature wall with a decorated tile. That, coupled with a unique flooring tile pattern, would make for a terrific contrast.

  • Ultra-modern Geometric Design

A combination of square stone flooring and the ultra-modern geometric design on the wall makes for a great contrast. The dark grout lines in the rectangular accent make the bathing area the shower enclosure’s focal point.

  • Unleashed Luxury

This style involves using a black mosaic tile scheme on the walls and a wood-like flooring combination in the shower enclosure. This effect gives your shower the feel of a luxury spa, and you can quickly achieve that in your small enclosure.

  • The Stone Age Pattern

This tiling scheme gives anything but a reflection that your shower is stuck in the stone age period. This contemporary square stone look, laid with an off-grid diamond accent banner, will give your shower a bold mosaic look.

  • Modern Mexican Tile

This tiling scheme has a grid flooring that adds a small twist to the regular or traditional Mexican tile. This style, however, makes use of more subdued colors. Additionally, the walls bring more contrast by using a charcoal grout mosaic, which recreates the look of a spa in your shower enclosure.

  • Natural Mix Up Tile Scheme

This is a natural stone effect accented to give your shower and the bath area a modern trend. The regular pattern difference is that this scheme uses different sizes of rectangles in the off-center pattern. Moreover, the mosaic tile scheme in the flooring area, coupled with a combination of bond grid flooring, puts all your focus towards its unique contrast.

So What Should You Do?

When selecting tile schemes for your shower enclosures, the first aspect to consider is safety. The second aspect is style and design. Other elements to put into account include the ease of cleaning, tile material, and the size of your bathroom. Overall, it would help if you settled for the best tiling scheme that suits your preferences, but avoid the polished tiles for your shower flooring. Whereas polished tiles are easier to clean, they can pose a health hazard because of how slippery they are.


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