Monstera Plants: Create An Aesthetic Tropical Atmosphere in Your Home

2509 – Monstera plants are unique and aesthetic flowerless ornamental plants. This ornamental plant is an ornamental plant from the tropics with unique characteristics. The thing that makes the Monstera plant unique is its wide leaf shape with finger shapes. Some monstera plants have various holes in their leaves. Thus, this makes monstera plants popular for use in various interior decorations in the home. Monstera plants have various types that have their uniqueness for you to choose from.

In this article, we will discuss the types of monstera plants that you can choose for your home decoration. By using the right type of monstera plant, you can create an interior decoration with an aesthetic and beautiful tropical style. Besides, you can choose the type of monstera with a size that suits the decoration needs of your home interior. Here are some types of monstera plants that you can consider to create an aesthetic and unique home interior decoration with a tropical atmosphere.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

The first monstera plant that we will discuss is monstera deliciosa. This type of monstera is one of the popular monsteras for use as an ornamental plant in home interiors. The shape of this ornamental plant is unique and aesthetic. Monstera deliciosa has broad, finger-shaped leaves and fresh dark green leaves. However, by using these ornamental plants, you can create interior decorations with an aesthetic and unique tropical style with a fresh atmosphere.

Monstera Adansonii

Monstera Adansonii

Monstera adansonii is a type of monstera that has broad leaves with unique holes. The leaves of this ornamental plant also have a fresh green color. This will give you a fresh tropical decoration in your home interior. Because the monstera adansonii plant size is small, you can use it as a coffee table decoration, console table, bedside table, and as a beautiful hanging ornamental plant. This ornamental plant will decorate the interior of your home with the fresh and tropical atmosphere it brings.

Monstera Borsigiana

Monstera Borsigiana

This type of monstera borsigiana is an ornamental plant with a small size like the type of monstera adansonii. Monstera borsigiana has a unique shape with hollow leaves like most types of monstera plants. However, this type of monstera plant has a simpler form and is smaller. Because of its small size, you can use this ornamental plant for a variety of simple decorations for the interior of your home. You can give tropical accents to your bedroom, your workspace, and various room interiors that you want to decorate.

Monstera Obliqua

Monstera Obliqua

Unlike the Monstera deliciosa plant which is popular for use as interior decoration, the monstera obliqua is rarely used. This is because this ornamental plant is a plant that is difficult to find and has a higher price if any. This monstera plant is included in the small monstera group with wide leaves that have aesthetic holes. You can use these ornamental plants for a variety of simple tropical decorations in the interior of your home. To care for this ornamental plant, you can water it regularly and keep it away from items that can damage the leaves.

Monstera Siltepecana


Monstera siltepecana is a type of monstera that has elongated and round leaves. Besides, the leaf tips of this ornamental plant are also conical. This monstera plant has a unique aesthetic and attractive leaf color. The leaves of this ornamental plant have a combination of green and silver in color, giving the monstera siltepecana plant a unique and aesthetic character. You can create beautiful and attractive decorations by using these plants in the interior of your home. Besides, you can also get natural and fresh accents from this ornamental plant.

Monstera Dubia


The next type of monstera plant is monstera dubia. This Monstera has different leaves compared to other monstera species, which do not have holes. The shape of the monstera dubia leaves is unique and aesthetic with a round and conical shape in a size that is not too wide. Besides, the beauty of the leaves of this ornamental plant lies also in their color. Monstera dubia leaf color is a blend of green and white with a unique pattern. You can use these ornamental plants for a variety of unique and aesthetic interior decorations for your home.

Monstera Variegata


Almost the same as monstera obliqua, this type of monstera plant is a rare type sold in the market. Therefore, if you find this type of ornamental plant on the market, you will get a fairly expensive price. Apart from its rarity, the thing that makes the Monstera variegata plant unique is its beautiful leaves. The leaves of this ornamental plant have an aesthetic color blend of green, yellow, and white. With these colors, you can make this ornamental plant an aesthetic tropical decoration in the interior of your home. Meanwhile, the size of this monstera plant is not too big and not too small so it is very flexible for you to use it in a variety of home interior decorations.

Thus our discussion about the types of monstera plants that you can use for your home decoration. By using monstera plants, you can create fresh and beautiful decorations. Also, this flowerless ornamental plant will give you an aesthetic tropical atmosphere. You can create simple decorations using the monstera plant. However, you can also create a festive decoration using this ornamental plant. Make home interior decorations according to your character and decorating preferences. Hopefully, this article is useful to you.


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