Is land costly in Colorado state?


Colorado has something to offer everyone with its beautiful landscapes, breathtaking mountains, high plains, and canyons. It is an urban developed area in the midst of nature. It has vibrant arts and culture lifestyle, the right place for an adrenaline junkie, a jackpot for a foodie. With lovely views and awesome weather, it is the right place for anyone and everyone.

According to a report the cost of living in a 2 bedroom apartment in Colorado can cost you around $1305 which is 30% below the cost of living in any of the coastal cities.

Forbes ranked Colorado as the 3rd best state to make a living, which doesn’t sound bad even a bit!
The overall cost of living in Colorado is 12% above the national average, transportation is below 4% the national average and it is 7% below the national average for utilities.

Colorado real estate

The Colorado real estate market is cool right now. The tug of war between the sellers and buyers is even. The median value of a home in the state is $401,800. The value of homes has increased by 2.8% from last year’s figure. It is further anticipated that the value will increase by another 4.1% in the next year. The market is cool right now and dominated neither by the seller nor buyer.

The median price of listing is $260 per square foot. The median price of houses that are currently listed in the state is $428,300. However, there is a drastic decrease in the median price at which houses are sold in the state. The median selling price is $379,700. The median price of rent in the state is $2000. On average, a house stays listed for 72 days before it is sold.

If you want to enjoy hiking, fishing, snowboarding, and skiing then the 2 best cities are Louisville and Fort Collins. Louisville offers everything a big city does for any family with its 150-year-old rich heritage and a community that will have your back. The median home value in this city is $554,200.

Fort Collins with its 75% below the national crime rate must be doing something right. Big high tech companies have found their home in the city and hence the unemployment rate here is only 3%.

Fulfilling lifestyle, increasing growth, affordable utilities, and nature are just a few reasons to choose Colorado.


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