Wallpaper, Wallcover and Photowall Inspiration To Stylish Your Room With Ease


If we are talking about the wall, of course we think about how to paint our walls with color, and decorating it according to our desires.

Indeed for the outside wall or exterior wall, we have to use paint walls, and if necessary we can use the paints weather shield to protect ours. But for the walls inside your home or interior wall, we can use a variety of alternatives such as wallpaper, wall cover, wall sticker , photo wall and border wall in the way to decorating your wall.

Decorating the wall

From all alternative above, we hear most often is the wallpaper. All households are already accustomed to using wallpaper to decorate their homes. But this time the decoration using wallpaper growing in line with the need for the greater desire to create walls in the House more beautiful.

Basically, Wall is made from concrete and cement, but sometimes our desires wants a natural atmosphere with wood or bamboo as well as various specific accents that can also be applied in the wall that has been coated wallpapers.

Based on the background, it appears a various development of wallpaper, as mentioned above. But this time we will only discuss the wallpaper, wall cover and photo wall. Next, we will discuss about giving accent on your wall, for the use of wall sticker and border sticker.

Wallpaper is not just a paper which apply on the wall

Wallpaper is material (paper/vinyl) upholstery wall with various motifs, colors, and textures. The upholstery is relatively easy to use — quite spacious measuring room, cut the wallpaper according to your needs, provide the glue evenly, then paste.

Wallpaper is an easy way to make the house walls appear devoid of artistic drawing and painting have to bother yourself. Current wallpaper has a wide variety of home styles for different stylish motives, ranging from classic, victorian , oriental, to minimalism.

The advantage of using wallpaper is The price that relatively cheap, Easy to applied, Has a diverse pattern of even texture (coarse and fine), Easy to find at wallpaper store , Can be used for a variety of wall surface: concrete or even plywood.

The disadvantage of using wallpaper is  although easy to apply, but the installation should noted the condition of the wall, which includes the aspects of hygiene and moisture. It also need special attention to caring the wallpaper for durable and not easily peel off. Should only be used for the interior walls. The wallpaper is used only one time and could not be used anymore

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Wall cover is more than the wallpaper

Wallcover is not Wallpaper. It should not using materials such as paper like wallpapers. In the market, aside from the paper, wallcover made of vinyl, fabric, plastic, and straw.

Wall cover have various motifs and colors, with a level of practicality of installation and easy maintenance. Upholstery material is believed to be capable of changing the atmosphere within a short time. Wall cover could give a Bright cheery, melodious, dramatic, intimate, warm, formal, and even relaxed

The material of wall cover is a solvent dye ink wall cover water based. Solvent is suitable for the child’s bedroom. Quality and the thickness of wall cover is standard minimum weight 240 g wall cover up to 280 grams per square meter or 1.2 kg up to 1.4 kg per standard size rollers.

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Photo Wall Is Expressing Your Wall

A new innovation from product wallpapers is Photo wallpapers or commonly called by the name of photo wall.

Now we discuss about Photo wall. Simple to think about photo wall is how to apply the photo on the wall, and Photo wall is a type of wallpaper, using paper as material , but the pattern or design its not repeatable.

So the pattern of photo wall are already adjusted to the size of the specified for example the standard size doors, glass, or wall.

Photo wall is useful as an interior wall decoration and when we unified the wallpaper, it will produce such as murals and also as the original photo, that different than wallpaper that have repeated pattern.

The advantage of using photo wall is its easy pasting or apply, odorless, easy maintenance and the price is cheaper than paint a wall.

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Still We Need To Paint For Interior Wall ?

Based on the above discussion, now we know how to decorate our walls with alternative options that have been described above. oIs Paint Wall is outdated to decorating interior ? It is our decision that can be depends on many factors such as the ease of implementation, finance, practicality and tastes.



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