Harry Potter-Inspired home decor Ideas


There are very fewer people who don’t get attracted to wizards and witches. And do you know how this was started? With the Harry Potter series. It is magical and has every element that we wish to have in our life. Also, there are no two ways that its craze is forever. If you are a geek and a fan of Harry Potter, you are going to love this blog as it is dedicated to the home décor inspired by its books and movies. Slide down and have a look towards such ideas that you can easily apply to your home:

Platform 9 ¾ Posters

How can you forget about Platform 9 ¾? It’s the gate to enter Hogwarts. Get the same posters for your wall and enjoy its Harry Potter vibes. You can choose its Colour and size as per your wall.

Hang Winged Keys from the Ceiling

Get some vintage designs of keys and glue white colour paper wings to it. These will look extremely magical hanging in your room. You can even buy it from the online stores enjoy its Sorcerer’s stone vibes.

Harry Potter Wallpapers

Have you ever imagined having a whole wall with the Harry potter based wallpaper? Yes, it’s possible. You simply have to choose the quote or a page of the Harry Potter book and get it customized as a wallpaper. You will admire its satisfying feel.

Deathly Hallows based wall lamp

The Deathly Hallows symbol is great and gives an amazing feeling. You can get the same triangular frame and fix a light behind it. Even you can buy furniture online from a trusted store.

Mirror of Erised Mirror

Mirror of Erised Mirror may not work for you in the way it works for harry but definitely, it will look cool at your home. You can easily find such mirror frames in the online stores. Add to your wall and use it as home décor.

Save Dobby Sock Holder

Save Dobby Sock Holder will help you to creatively use your lonely socks. You can hang them on it and enjoy it Harry Potter atmosphere. It will look as cheerful and playful as Dobby in the movies.

Advertise Flying Lessons

You must have the old brooms at your home, so why not use it creatively? Paint it as per the harry potter flying broom and hang it on your wall. Also, attach a signboard with ‘Flying Lessons’ written on it.

Glasses Pillow Cover

The throw pillows are the best and when it has Harry’s eyeglasses printed on it, everything becomes even better. This will reflect your love for harry potter and add wizard feeling to your bed or sofa.

Invisible Bookshelf

Show your love for magic by getting the Invisible bookshelves. It will give the expression that books are floating on your walls. You can easily find it in the online furniture stores. Get and enjoy its aura.

Hogwarts Logo Clock

Get a giant wall clock with the Hogwarts Harry Potter logo. It will look extremely authentic hanging on your walls and make your home look geek. Having these wall clocks is a dream of any harry potter fan.

Harry Potter Planter

You can paint a planter with Harry Potter’s hair, scar, glasses and scarf. It will look amazing in your home and you will feel like Harry is in your room. You can even get such platers online and display it anywhere you want to.

A hanging Lamp with the Magic Forest Theme

Having a hanging lamp with the magical forest theme of Harry Potter will give you a magical feeling. It works like a cool and reflects your love for wizards. You can choose the light, colour and size of these hanging lamps.

To all the Harry Potter Lovers out there, these home décor ideas will help you to show your love and obsession with all the movies and books in an authentic manner. Whether buy furniture online with the same theme or try to make it yourself, it will anyways make your home look magical.


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