Female Celebrities and what their Home looks like based on their Style


A sight of beauty with a hint of envy, these beautiful homes owned by the gorgeous celebrities speak for themselves and their personalities. Take a look!

 Taylor Swift


This music icon is best known for her impressive music career with which she has been able to buy herself 8 massive and beautiful homes. The 28 year-old jokes saying that she might add “estate mogul” to her repertoire soon. She reported owns a whopping $84 Million in real estate which includes a 11,000 sq. feet historical landmark in California to a $20 million penthouse in Tribeca.

Out of the 8 residents that she owns, this famous penthouse in Tribeca was previously owned by Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings Director. It has 10 bedrooms and bathrooms. This home appeals to the chill and laid back side in her as it has a billiard room, enormous space to entertain her friends and family and is the perfect home to have guests over. Unlike this home, the apartment in West Village which is a 1912 brick house not only has an old charm to it, but also modern aesthetic to suit the coveted singer’s taste. The interiors are much more contemporary with a pop of colour to fit Taylor’s stage personality and looks when she’s performing live.

Kylie Jenner


The first youngest Billionaire and the make-up mogul; owner of Kylie Cosmetics lives her life queen size just like her extravagant houses. Only recently did she buy a third home in the Hidden Hills in California for $12 Million.

She is the ultimate influencer and celebrity, and this self-made star has it all! She has a Hollywood room in this home which has a white lacquer and acrylic grand piano to fit the monochromatic scheme. Her house is all parts glamour along with it being inviting as she likes to have guests over and entertain her family and friends. Well, what can we say, Mamma Jenner raised her girls well, to be close to all their family members. Mom of one, Kylie’s little girl Stormi lives in style as well. This mother-daughter due are absolute #goals.

She has proudly adorned the house all over with the awards she’s won for her cosmetic line and the dining room in her house are made to match the lipstick colours from her collection from pink to the deepest of reds. It is safe to say that some of the living room decor ideas in this star’s home are wild.

Jessica Chastain


You’ll recognize her from the highly coveted movies Zero Dark Thirty and The Help. She stays in a 19the century refurbished home in New York’ Central Park. Just like her elegant and poised self, her home reflects much of her personality too. She says ‘It’s warm and cozy glory.’ The library in her room has an eclectic style which has upholstered ottoman’s , rugs as well as silk covered walls.

She said that the architectural and the interior design of her home with all the decorative accents in it makes her house bold and much like her.

Most pieces in her home are vintage as she is drawn to ‘things where she can feel the energy.’

Ellen DeGeneres


This woman needs no introduction. The host and producer of Ellen DeGeneres owns a big house in LA with her wife Portia de Rossi. One of the key elements about her home is that, since she is always known for wearing sneakers and tennis shoes, she said she had to have them on display. Much like her humble self, all the house that she owns have a rather simplistic yet stylish décor to them. Growing up she said she never really had her own house as their family would usually rent out and they dreamed of owning a home. So she decided; when she was financially strong enough, she’d buy a house – and so she did, and she bought another, and another!

This Comedian-Host has  made it big in Hollywood, but just like her charming and warm self, she still is very humble, loving, giving and kind. Having developed a penchant for real estate, buying a new house is almost always on her mind as she looks at them as investments. Well, who are we to say otherwise, she is right afterall! Her humble décor sense might just give you interior design ideas for your own home.

These ladies have worked hard and how! Each and every one of them deserves every bit of their homes and the comfort of living in them. We wish them all the luck and success in the world and more.


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