Kitchen Decor Ideas for any Size


A kitchen is more than just a place to cook your food. It is a place where most of the action in a house takes places if there are foodies in the house. From entertaining guests to having Sunday morning breakfasts together as a family, the kitchen is truly the heart of the house.

Nobody said that the kitchen has to be a dull and boring place to be in. If you love cooking, the surrounding should be fun and welcoming as well.

Whether you’ve lived in the house for years or if you’ve just gotten the house keys, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in handy while decorating you kitchen. These kitchen interior design ideas are sure to elevate the sense of design in your kitchens.

Open Shelves

When it comes to storage, instead of having big bulky storage cabinets and units fixated in your kitchen, you can have an open shelf system where you can not only store your kitchen paraphernalia, but also display them in cute storage jars and containers. Open shelves makes the kitchen look bigger, spacious and allows you to access the ingredients more easily.

Paint your Cabinets

Have you have dull and boring storage cabinets since forever and have been itching to stir things up a little décor wise in your kitchens? Why not take on a DIY   painting project and paint the kitchen cabinets a bright colour that makes you happy and makes the kitchen look warm and welcoming. Preferably go for pastel tones for a softer approach. But if bold colours are your thing, go for it!

Waste Management

When it comes to dumping trash, we don’t really give it much thought. Change that. Keep three waste baskets/containers to segregate your waste based on wet waste, dry waste and recyclable items. This will make you eco-friendly and add a sense of organization in your kitchen.

Go Green!

Buy a couple of indoor plants and go green in your kitchen. Plants are a good way of inducing fresh air into your homes and they’re just carriers of happy and positive vibes. For a cuter touch, get bright coloured pots or paint them yourselves. You don’t need an interior design solutions provider to help you with something as simple as this. Just pop into the nearest nursery, and buy yourself some greens!

Grow Herbs

If you tend to cook a lot and use herbs, instead of going to the market to buy your fair share of herbs, why not grow it in your own kitchen and display the little pots as décor items on shelves. Making a pizza and your run out of basil? No worries, pluck it out from your own home-grown garden of herbs.

These ideas will help your get started with your kitchen décor without any hassle. You can always add your own personal twist to any of these ideas and make them yours.

Happy cooking!


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