Modern Coastal Living Room Style Ideas : Like Living In The Beach


Living room is the main room of a house. Therefore it is important to note, because the living room is the first room that we will see or our guest see. In addition, the living room will show the character of the homeowner.

Coastal Decorating Style

Coastal style is one of the fastest growing decorating styles, and its decor reaches far inland. Rooms decorated in each of these coastal styles do have similarities, such as a love of ocean hues and sun-bleached white, an incorporation of natural materials and fabrics, and a celebration of natural light.

Soothing Wall Color Decor

One of the best aspects of coastal design is its ability to make you feel relaxed.Whether you’re only a few feet from the waves or a thousand miles away, stepping into one of these rooms should make you feel as though you’re on vacation.

Start with a base of neutrals. However, rather than using monochromatics to create a stark contrast, focus on including more muted tones. Try sandy tans, off-whites and soft grays to create an environment that feels equally soothing and inviting.

Normally, we would tell you to offset your neutral foundation with a bold pop of color, but in this case, even your accent shades should be more subdued. Focus on pastel hues that have beachy connotations like aquamarine and coral.


Furniture Sofa that you can use is sofa with white, green tosca, nautica blue or gray colors. For accent chairs you can use the same or different colors such as pastel green, gray, light brown or beige.

For Livingroom table, in general use using the brown color variation sharing, but also can use white color. although white is often used for scandinavian style. Small white console table with white table lamp and white small console chair you can consider.


For Coastal Decorating style, you can add accessories related to the atmosphere at sea or on the beach. You can use rugs in navy blue that give the impression at sea, also brown, white or gray. In addition you can add a table art using a vase that contains green leaves. For table lamps in general use a white color that gives the impression similar to the room is also more neutral. If you want to use curtain, adjust it to the most dominant color or that can be a focal point. Do not forget also you can add wall art or paintings related to the sea and beach or objects of objects from the sea such as sand, rocks, shell or coral.

Living Room With Modern Coastal Style Idea

As we described above about coastal decorating style, here we have collected specifically for you, Living Room with Modern Coastal Style, for your consideration or additional ideas. Hopefully, you can build or make your living room, which you can add or change your living room to something different from before.


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