The 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home Security


Safety is a vital aspect that deserves the most amount of attention when it comes to looking after your home. Almost everything you care about is going to be inside it; from your loved ones to items of high sentimental or monetary value. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any compromises on your home’s protection from intruders.

A safe neighbourhood helps, but it’s not nearly enough. To put reliable measures in place, make sure you read all 8 home security improvement tips described in this article. Let’s begin!

1. Secure All Entryways

Starting with the basics, you need to make sure your vital entryways are well-protected. They include openings that an intruder can potentially enter through, such as front and back doors, gate, garage, etc.

Make sure all of these entry points have sturdy doors that can’t be easily broken into. If you think they’re weak (or too short), consider changing or improving them.

2. Restrict Access

Only you, and the few people you authorize, should have the keys to your home. Handing them out to everyone isn’t a great idea, as you never know who might have ill intentions and make copies out of it.

If you’ve been careless about this in the past and aren’t sure as to how many people have copies, don’t worry. You can make all of the existing keys useless by getting your locks rekeyed or replaced by a licensed locksmith.

You can also rekey your locks by yourself using a rekeying kit available here. You’ll need to carefully follow the instructions that come with it, and you may have to watch some tutorials if it’s your first time.

3. Install Reliable Door Locks

Sometimes, burglars can easily remove certain door locks that only have a few screws in place.

Consider upgrading to door locks that are more reliable. For instance, mortice locks are much harder to break as they require a key to open up.

Smart locks are also great options. They’re much more secure and convenient. Any malicious break-in attempt by an unknown intruder will send an alert to your phone. You’ll instantly know when someone tries to unlock your doors, which means you can call the police before they even break-in.

4. Keep the Outdoors Well-lit

It all begins from your garden, staircase, or lawn. That’s where burglars hide before making an entrance through one of your vital entryways. Make sure you light up those areas so intruders can’t go unnoticed. To save electricity costs, you can use motion-sensing lights that turn on only when someone is around.

5. Use Surveillance Cameras

If you don’t have cameras around the house already, it’s about time you get them installed. Having a reliable surveillance system allows you to closely monitor every part of your property. It’s one of the most effective ways to secure your home, as it doesn’t only provide live video footage of incidents, but also acts as a deterrent to scare away potential thieves.


The security measures listed above are simple but can play a vital role in keeping your house, loved ones, and valuable possessions safe.


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