The Ultimate Moving Supplies Checklist for New Homeowners

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You just purchased your new home, and now it’s time to prepare for the big move. Do you have a list of everything you need for a smooth move? Well, whether you do or not, you’re in luck because below you’ll find the ultimate moving supplies checklist. These are the items that you may or may not have thought of buying to help protect your valuable possessions in transit. 

Because the last thing you want to do is forget something when moving day arrives. Plus, why not prepare ahead of time to relieve some of the stress that naturally comes with every move? By taking the time to go through this checklist, you’ll be well on your way to having a stress-free move. 

#1 Moving Blankets 

Heavy-duty padded moving blankets are one of those items that not everyone thinks of purchasing before moving. You may look at the price for a good set and think that you can skip over buying them, but the assurance you get by investing in them is well worth it.

Moving blankets fully protect your most valuable furniture from scratches, dents, and other marks. Additionally, they make it a lot easier to slide your furniture into the moving truck and pack it together tightly without worrying about items colliding and causing damage. 

When shopping for moving blankets, take the time to measure the items you plan to wrap to ensure the blankets are large enough. Also, check to make sure the stitching is of good quality and that the blankets are machine washable. 

#2 A Secure Padlock 

If you’re renting a moving truck and want to feel confident that your valuable possessions are secure, then a good lock is a must-have item on your moving supplies checklist. The last thing you want to do is stick with a cheap lock you already own, and tell yourself, This is good enough. 

If you’re making any overnight stops along the way or entrusting your possessions in the hands of someone else, then a secure padlock for moving trucks recommended by Anti-Theft Boss is essential. When choosing a lock, the top options for common trucks such as U-Haul are long-shackle padlocks and discus padlocks, similar to what you might find used on a storage unit.

The big difference is that a good lock provides protection against picking, brute force, and cutting. By investing in a good lock, you’ll sleep better at night along the journey to your new home. 

#3 Dolly or Hand Truck

Selecting a dolly or hand truck can get a little tricky since you might need multiple versions. Typically, a hand truck is good for moving taller pieces of furniture and appliances such as a refrigerator, while dollies are better for moving larger loads and pieces of furniture.

Then, there’s a furniture dolly that makes moving large pieces of furniture much easier. With a furniture dolly, two people can load the couch onto it before guiding it together to the moving truck.

To decide which of these items you’ll need come moving day, take a minute to brainstorm what you’ll be moving and the easiest methods for moving those items. Then, take a minute to browse the types of dollies and hand trucks to get an idea of which ones will work the best for you. 

#4 Mattress Bags

One item that you absolutely should not forget to invest in for your move is the mattress bag. Mattress bags are available in various sizes to fit all types of beds, and you’ll be able to pick one up for each of the mattresses in your home. Additionally, you’ll also want to protect your box springs using the same bags. 

As for your options, there are the typical thick plastic mattress bags and the reusable tarp-type mattress bags. The advantages of choosing the latter are the full zipper closure, carry handles, and overall durability. So, depending on how much you value your mattresses, you might want to invest in something more heavy-duty to avoid puncturing the bags and to make the mattresses easier to lift.

#5 Lifting and Moving Straps

Lastly, lifting and moving straps are essential to make lifting heavy objects easier. You’ll save your back a lot of trouble by being able to bend at the knees when lifting heavy objects rather than having to bend over. Additionally, you might want to invest in a back brace used for weightlifting to further ensure that your back stays in good shape.

When choosing moving straps, there are the type that hook around your forearms and the type that go over your shoulders. Both types work well and are sure to reduce the strain of lifting your heaviest appliances including your refrigerator and washer. Most of the common straps are rated to lift up to 800 lbs.

Closing Thoughts

This is the moving supplies checklist that every new homeowner needs to check out before moving day. Especially, if you’re planning to do the move yourself instead of hiring professional movers to do all the heavy lifting for you.

By investing in these items, you might find that you can save yourself some money by doing most of the work yourself instead of hiring someone to do it for you. Additionally, you’ll be able to take your time while loading and know where everything is in the truck when you land at your new home.


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