Improving Home Security on a Budget


If you’re looking to improve your home security, then look no further. Follow these simple tips for peace of mind in feeling safe and secure in your home, whether you’re there or not.

Set Your Lights on an Automated Timer

Use smart lights to make it appear as though you are home even when you’re not. Smart LED lights can often be easily controlled from your phone or they can be set to a timer. Vacation is the perfect time to utilize this feature and adjust your home lighting from afar.

Smart plugs can also allow you to control lamps from your phone. This is a convenient option for those on vacation who don’t want their house to sit dark for days on end, or for someone who doesn’t like entering a dark house after a long day at work.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Keeping your bushes or shrubs well-trimmed can make it difficult for intruders to hide in your yard while spying in your windows. This does not always require a professional landscaper when working on a budget; simply grab some garden shears and spend some time in your yard cutting any overgrowth.

Angie’s List has great resources for DIY yard pruning, along with a catalog of local-to-you landscapers.

Install a Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks act as a replacement for standard deadbolts. They require a code to be entered to unlock, and if the code is entered wrong three times, the keypad will lock and you will be alerted. You can usually view which doors are unlocked and locked from your phone. Another cool feature is that when you open a door, a smart door lock will lock automatically after 30 seconds, eliminating any danger of intruders following you into your home.

Put Up Window Shades

Window treatments can provide privacy within the home. Without a clear idea of a home layout or what’s inside, intruders are less likely to attempt a break-in. Light filtering shades are an option that still allows for daylight to come in while protecting your home from unwelcome viewers.

Place a Camera in a Central Area of Your Home

Keep an eye on your home even when you aren’t nearby. Instead of hiring a house sitter every time you are out of town, consider peaking in here and there using a camera that you can stream on your phone. An HD camera allows you to see live video from your phone and records 15-second clips based on motion activity.

Download The Nextdoor App

Be aware of what’s going on in your neighborhood by using Nextdoor, an app that keeps you in contact with those near you. By staying in the loop with your neighbors, you’re able to alert each other of suspicious occurrences nearby.

Install Door/Window Sensors

Have the peace of mind of knowing exactly which doors and windows are opened and when. With a magnetic body that attaches to a door or window and pairs with a wireless sensor, sensors will alert you of when either a door or window are opened.

Check the Locks on Your Garage or Shed

Keeping outdoor storage secure can make your home safer. Check your garage door lock and make sure it is fastened each night. Make sure that bikes and children’s toys are put away, and that you have an actual lock on any outdoor storage. Even if you feel as though you don’t have anything outdoors that would be stolen, there’s still the risk of an easy hiding space for unwelcome guests.

Implementing these options into your life can not only improve the safety of your home, but increase its value and your peace of mind. Good luck!


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