The Cost of An Architect for Building and Extension of a House


Building a house or doing a house extension requires elaborate plans and designs done by professional architects. It is even one of the requirements before getting certain permissions from the authorities. There are different costs for the services offered by architects, which are calculated in different ways.

When building a new house or doing an extension for a new one, you need to understand the cost of an architect to make the right decision on which architectural company you will choose. Understanding various approaches they use to come up with their fees is easy.

Percentage of the Costs of Construction

The architects who use a percentage of the construction cost make it easy for clients to know the cost of the architect. Whether it is a new house or a house conversion, it will be easy to estimate how much you will spend to get architectural services.

Architects charge from as low as 5 to 15 percent depending on the amount of work involved to make your house design and plans. The best architectural firms list the services they offer within the package and anything else charged as extra.

Lump Sum Amount Charge

Some architects charge a lump sum amount depending on the amount of work involved. Frankly, it is hard to know the cost of an architect who charges this way unless you consult them and get a quote or get information from previous clients with a project that is similar to yours.

Getting an architectural firm that charges a lump sum gives you an edge to negotiate and enjoy many services at no extra charge. For instance, they could be offering permission applications on top of house building and extension plans. To understand more, you could check here to find out all of the other services you can get from a reliable architect apart from plans, designs, and permit applications.

Charge Per Hour

Some architects charge per hour for the services they offer. Although it is not easy to know the total cost of the architect for your entire project, at least you will know the amount they will charge for every hour they will render services to you.

Only a few architects charge by the hour, and these are typically the most experienced companies. They offer superior services, especially when your plans and designs are very complicated. The good thing is that one can end the contract within a very short time.

 Using Estimate Software to Find the Cost of Architect

Do you know that you can use cost estimate software to find the cost of an architect? Usually, these are tools or apps on the website of an architectural company to help clients estimate how much they will pay for services. After figuring out which approach the architect uses, use this tool to get an estimate. It asks for various details such as design type, the estimated cost of the house construction or extension, and other information. Once these fields are filled in, hit the calculate button to find the cost estimate.


As you can see, it is easy to know the cost of an architect in your area. It helps you to plan the finances well from the beginning of the project to the end. Hopefully, the insights give you a good start off when looking for an architect to help you with your project.


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