10 Budget Dorm Room Decorating Ideas


College is the first real freedom most teenagers get. It is your escape from parents and your first foray into adulthood.

That small four-cornered dorm room is where you will call home now. We will be discussing ten tips by college homework helper to help you decorate your dorm room on a budget.

Something Old and Free

Do not look down on old items or hand-me-downs from friends and relatives. Collecting old and free items is a great way to save if you are on a tight budget. Look around your house for old furniture still in good shape. Ask relatives for furniture they no longer need. This furniture can be the corner piece of your decoration. Do not forget to ask for old appliances too.

Go Thrifting

Thrifting requires patience and time, but you can find gems hidden in your local thrift store. Dedicate enough time to the search, look through home decoration ideas. Buy pieces that appeal to you. Look for a hidden gem in the jumbles available there.`

Buy Inexpensive Frames from Ikea

Ikea has a wide variety of picture frames for sale. The frames are inexpensive and pretty sturdy for their price. Get a variety of sizes to hang up pictures in different parts of your dorm room. You can also use the frames for different DIYs project.

Hang Pictures of Family and Friends on your Wall

Hanging pictures of families and friends is a good way to make your dorm room feel more like home. These pictures will remind you of the memories you shared and make you feel they are always with you. Put a couple of their pictures in the Ikea frames you got.

Do DIY Projects

DIY is the new rave in town. There are thousands of DIYs videos on Youtube. Pinterest has a large collection of DIYs that you will never run out of ideas. Buy tools needed for your DIYs and get creative. There are hacks for making expensive items replica with cheap, inexpensive items.

Invest in Plants

Plants have a way of beautifying and adding class to your tiny space. You can get a real plant if you can be committed to taking care of it or get artificial plants if you want something that doesn’t require maintenance. Whatever your choice is, put plants in strategic places around your dorm.

Download and Print Pictures Online to Spruce Up Your Space

Pictures of families and friends are not the only thing you can hang up with your frame. You can download artwork online or pictures and paintings online. These downloaded works can be printed and put inside a frame.

Lookout for Garage Sales

Garage sales are places to look for hidden gems. Items sold in a garage sale are previously loved items by their owners. They might be junk to the owners now, but to you, they might be just what you need to complete your decoration. Visit as much garage sales as you can while shopping for your dorm room décor.

Use your Smartphone as a Projector

You do not have to buy a TV. You can use your smartphone as a projector. This saves you money and time. Projectors can be great for movie nights and relieving stress after a long day.

Light Up your Room

Lights are inexpensive ways of making a statement. You can get inexpensive lights from stores around you. You can also hang lights around your bed.

There are many inexpensive ways to decorate your dorm room. Have a design in mind and work towards executing that look. Your dorm room doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as it is comfortable and works for you.


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