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Living Room

Here you can get various designs for the living room that you live with family.


Unique and Modern Room Decoration For Football Fans

Everyone in this world must have a hobby and a pleasure in his life. Therefore, in designing a house would have different preferences between one with another. Especially about the decoration or design of...

Futuristic Living Room Interior Design Concept

Interior design encompasses a many of styles.  There is a world of discovery out there for those that are interested.  And within that expansive world there are designs that transcend a particular niche and...

Creative Home Office Combined With Living Room For Apartment

When we need a place to work at home, whereas we only have an apartment. We have to design our apartment in more detail to make us work at home but still have a...

Smart Living Room Arrangement To Make Your Room Spacious

A living room is often the hub of a house, but when it’s cramped and narrow, choosing and arranging furniture can feel like difficult for us, especially for  studio apartments and small homes, the question is...

Popular Gray And Yellow Color Concept For Cherish Living Room

Combination between gray and yellow color for living room concept is popular nowadays. It's so contrast color between light and semi dark color to make it chic accent and give the balance for the...

Contemporary Bookshelf Divider For Functional And Elegant room

Bookshelf divider is needed Especially if you are renting either your apartment or home, every single square foot is at a high premium, using a bookshelf for a room divider is an ideal choice. You can...

Modern Kitchens Design Combined With Living Room For Friendly Warm Home

Nowadays, Modern kitchen design is not separate with living room in order to have friendly warm home. Why Kitchen Design Have combined with living room Basically the kitchen design combined with the living room is perfect...

Wallpaper, Wallcover and Photowall Inspiration To Stylish Your Room With Ease

If we are talking about the wall, of course we think about how to paint our walls with color, and decorating it according to our desires. Indeed for the outside wall or exterior wall, we...

Unique Thin Wrought Iron Chair For Minimalist Interior Decoration Room

A House, basically have several rooms such as living room, family room, dining room, kitchen room, bedroom and bathroom. Nowadays, Home decorating trends is a minimalist home. Minimalism is not talking about size of...