How Many Hours Should AC Run Per Day?


There is a direct and one word answer for this question – “NO”. Present day industrial air conditioners are built for running day in and day out even for weeks and shutting them on the weekly holiday can be good maintenance. But AC owners must also keep one important thing in mind – the more any equipment is used, the more care and maintenance it requires.

One thing you need to understand first that even if your AC is switched on for 24×7 – the compressor only works in cycles and not the entire duration. The running period of an AC is actually the running period of the conditioner and it may depend on a number of factors how long a compressor operates every day. The same is also true for residential air conditioning and it has been found out that on an average the compressor works around 18 to 19 hours a day. This is also applicable for both split and window style air conditioners. Here are some of the factors those might make the compressor to run for longer duration and automatically add considerably to your power consumption.

  • Undersize AC: If the cooling capacity of an air conditioner is less than what is required for a particular room it is considered as undersized and that puts more pressure on the compressor. In such cases the compressor will be running continuously without reaching the desired temperature level and on a long run, its health will invariably suffer. 
  • Outdoor temperature: If the temperature outdoors is to high, that is close to 45 degree or more, the compressor will be made to work over time for maintaining the desired cooling level and that certainly require it to consume more power. 
  • Desired temperature too low: If the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature is too much, your AC will be required to shoulder more load for achieving and maintaining that cooling level and naturally the runtime will also increase.

Running your AC 24×7 won’t affect much of its health unless it is an undersized one, but there are some disadvantages those one might also like to consider.

  • Power Consumption: Air conditioners are power hungry and consume a lot of electricity. Now if you keep running it for weeks, you are certainly going to find it being reflected in your monthly or annual electricity bills.
  • Faster degradation: Every device and appliances come with a certain lifespan and ACs is no difference. If you use it 24×7 you will be required to change its filters a lot more frequently and as the outdoor unit will also attract a lost more dust, its life span may seriously come down.
  • Frequent servicing: It has already been told that the more you use any appliance, the more care and maintenance it requires. There are Commercial air conditioning Sydney technicians who can be fully trusted for AC maintenance and repairing jobs. But just like power, maintenance and servicing also do not come for free and you will be required to shell out a considerable amount of money for your air conditioners on a regular basis.


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