How to Level a Sunken Concrete Floor?


The concrete floor can sink with the passage of time due to many factors. Sometimes shrinking soil, lack of slab support, compaction, type of soil or the washout of the soil can cause the concrete to sink. Sunken concrete floors can cause structural damage to your house. Concrete lifting is the solution for sunken floors. Concrete lifting is a repair method that helps restore the original state of the sunken floors, walls, and slabs. Through concrete lifting, you can get your uneven and sunken floors lifted.

Options to level the sunken concrete floor

There are specific options and methods to level the sunken concrete floor. Every approach has some pros and cons. The repair method is applied according to the underlying issue. The signs of sinking concrete floors are often clearly visible. The best way to deal with this issue is to seek professional help to choose the best option.

Mud jacking

Mud jacking is the process of lifting the sunken or settled concrete. Mud jacking is a concrete leveling technique. Mud jacking is nearly the same as slab jacking. A pavement or railroad is raised in mud jacking when mud is pumped underneath it through the drilled tiny holes. As a result, the sunken concrete surface is Leveled back to its original state.

Mud jacking may not work on very old concrete. If you notice the concrete sinking, know that the slab was placed on poorly compacted fill dirt. The repairer will pump a ground filling mixture underneath the floor. A slurry is filled in the holes. Afterward, they fill concrete into the holes to level it. This process leaves a mark behind.

Slab jacking

Slab jacking is a better and economical option than replacement. The contractor drills many tiny holes into the sunken slab to add filling material. After filling the gaps are sealed. The total duration of slab jacking takes a maximum of two hours. In addition, slab jacking doesn’t leave you waiting for an extended period. Slab jacking is a quick and easy way to repair sunken floors.

Polyurethane foam

Another option is using polyurethane foam injections. In this method, the professionals use a close cell polymer to lift the sunken concrete slab or floor. In the closed-cell foam, the gas pockets are sealed, which restricts the water from Soaking up. The foam is injected through a hole of size 5/8 dime. The air bubbles in the foam expand underneath the floor, which causes the actual lift.

Replacing or repairing concrete

If your concrete is deteriorated or cracked, it is better to get your concrete replaced. A new poured slab will not solve the problem. The only way to avoid deterioration and cracks in the future is by addressing the root cause, which is shrinking. The new pore is the most expensive opinion in the process of lifting.

These Columbia Concrete lifting methods are helpful to level the sunken concrete floor. Do not ignore a sinking concrete floor because it can impact your house’s foundation and safety.


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