What to Look for in a Luxury Home in Seattle


Seattle is a rapidly appreciating real estate market. It has always been expensive, since it is sandwiched between the mountains and the sea. It has gone up in value as people fled Silicon Valley or simply came here to take advantage of the high paying jobs, though the ability to build new housing is severely limited. This has resulted in the average home being worth more than seven hundred thousand dollars. And luxury homes cost much more, while the local culture and climate makes the desired amenities in a luxury home somewhat different from the rest of the country. Here’s what to look for in a luxury home in Seattle.


Waterfront properties command a premium in Seattle, whether it is on Lake Washington or Puget Sound. A view of the water is a close second.

The Luxury Kitchen

Seattle luxury homes always have a high-end kitchen, though they are not always chef-grade. However, wine cellars are almost a given, while warming drawers are becoming popular. Premium appliances such as smart fridges and energy efficient dishwashers are expected. After all, Seattle residents at all levels are aware of their environmental impact. People want built-in technology that is easy to use and works seamlessly with their devices.

The Pacific Northwest is famous for its mild climate. This has made outdoor kitchens popular, especially if the property has a deck and a pool. You can then move your leisure life outside.


They say that all real estate markets are relative. But you will always pay more for the largest house or the largest lot in the neighborhood. This is why a four-bedroom, four bath luxury condo in downtown Seattle may cost ten million dollars, twenty times that of the average condo. A ten thousand square foot mansion commands a premium, but it may be doubly expensive if it sits on a two-acre lot, too.

The open floorplan is common in newer luxury homes, but almost all luxury homes have at least one large living area suitable for large gatherings. Grand entryways are common, as well. Dining patios and large decks are a bonus.

The Spa-Like Bathroom

Spa-like bathrooms are equally popular in luxury condos as high-end single family homes in the woods. There has been a movement to include walk-in showers with floor to ceiling jets and towel warmers in every bathroom. Huge soaker tubs are replacing the Jacuzzi as the status symbol of choice. Heated floors are increasingly popular. The only thing that’s still optional is having a workout room connected to the bathroom or a separate power room. The question is: where will you put the sauna?

Storage Space

Space is always at a premium when you can’t afford as much as you’d like. This is why large closets and butler’s pantries are associated with the luxury market. Luxury homes increasingly have large walk-in closets, including his and hers closets. That is aside from the trend toward separate dressing rooms. These spaces include bright overhead lights, and in the case of closets and dressing rooms, full length mirrors.


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