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David Ray Homes is a home improvement support organization based in Seattle, Washington - the heartland of the Northwest. Our mission is to connect area residents and business owners with local home improvement services vendors in order to create lasting relationships and build the wellness of the Greater-Seattle economy. Our vendor partnerships include only highly-trusted providers of various services, including, but not limited to: HVAC contractors, Seattle windows installers, roofing, plumbing, and flooring specialists and more.

What to Look for When Buying Double Glazed Sash Windows

Homeowners are always trying to find ways to have the most comfortable and elegant home at an affordable cost. One method of doing this is to make use of double glazed sash windows with cheap double glazing designs. What to…

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Add a Classic Touch to Your Home with Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are known for their elegant and rustic charm. They come with a lower and upper window sash that case slide vertically past each other within a single frame. Since you can open them up instead of opening…

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